Casting Intelligence

Chaitanya Kamble

When is the time for a new revolution in prototyping technology ?

When l was having a casting class in my Mechanical Engineering college, that made me wondering with somehow a surprised face about the future of this field.

Casting & prototyping generally nowadays, whatever the technology invented (like 3D printing) is all about modeling something into a shape from outside, this means that something outside the matter is “restructuring” the 3D positions of specific taken control approach, like stacking thousands of 2D triangles layers in 3D printing, re-crystalline transformation in extrusion process with a mold (profile), or full melting in some other techniques like what we do in a sand casting process, here the shape is given by the shape of the sand mould, you can see obviously that what every technology of those does is inheriting the property of shape from a mould or a computer coding instructions into the matter.

How does it give a wave for the future ?

I think when we talk about 4D printing, so we are talking about the idea that takes a very first “modern” step on the way of looking at the matter from inside while the whole used to look from outside, what this means is having a very first awesome step on the way we need to build the “casting” technology of the future.

What i’m really talking about is a “casting intelligence” from inside which enable the matter to transform its shape and properties like density based on its own decisions, and when i say “its own” i mean that it takes this decision without any help or contributions from a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or any another electrical computer whatever it’s.

so the matter really has its intelligence to “think” and take a reaction or a step using its “mindset”.


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