Augmenting The Virtual

Aman Hanspal

PCs in the 1970s, the internet in 1990s & Smartphones in 2000s revolutionized the way we do daily activities in ways never imagined before. Well another revolution is around the corner and just half a decade or so away. AI/ML, Web 3.0, Metaverse are the fields everyone is pondering about & this list of fields gets completed with the addition of Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) and that’s the theme of our blog too!

VR headsets debuted commercially just few years ago have exponentially grown in VR “Gaming” domain and very soon professors & students will use VR for education, corporates for conducting Virtual meeting (thus saving time and money), companies for training employees, warehouse and factory workers. VR is also an essential part of upcoming Metaverse. Headsets as of now are quite expensive but I strongly believe just as mid-ranged & affordable smartphones that are presently available, there will be mid-ranged & affordable headsets as well in the future. Apple CEO, Tim Cook said, “I’m excited about AR. My view is it’s next big thing and it will persuade our entire lives.” Imagine calling, texting, getting 3D Navigation to your destination straight from your wearable glasses! Yes, all this is possible because of full fledged AR glasses & Silicon Valley companies like Apple, Meta, Google, Microsoft are working on it & its development has commenced. The day is not so far when we have light-weighing AR glasses on our heads. Like VR, AR too has applications in e-commerce, military (Microsoft HoloLens), education; etc. This blog is an interesting read for inquisitive minds, curious to understand what VR & AR holds for us in our hands.


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